I had always been nervous at the dating (12 week) scans, but always looked forward to the anomaly (20 week) scans, so I entered the room smiling, told the sonographer I didn't want to know what gender the baby was, laid down and pulled my top up. I remember looking towards the screen beaming, watching the little heart beat in front of me with a sense of pure joy - this was my third child and I loved this part of the pregnancy, and always hated that you had to wait so long after this scan to meet your baby ... The sonographer asked her assistant to go and get the sonographer from the next room and I could tell something was wrong - but the heart beat was fine so I was confused. After they had a quick whispered discussion I got told that my baby was measuring small and I had to see a specialist.

Well, two days later I met Mr Young, and he gave me another scan and calmly explained that my baby had severe IUGR. He advised me to have amniocentesis and then I saw him regularly for further growth scans etc. Due to problems found during the scans and the fact I had an anterior placenta I ended up with a few hospital stays, and at 28+4 I almost had a caesarean due to babies heart rate falling severely low (under 80), but my baby was not yet estimated to weigh in at 1lb so the safest option was for me to continue with the pregnancy. Then at 30+1 I went for yet another growth scan (the second that week) and Mr Young decided my baby needed delivering - for an unknown reason the flow through the placenta had gone wrong. Unfortunately my hospital Neo-natal unit was full so I had to wait until they found a hospital with a spare incubator in NICU. My partner took our other children home, I phoned a friend to accompany me, then got taken 180 miles by ambulance to have the caesarean section.

My little boy, Samuel, was born weighing 730g (1lb 10oz) and measuring 30cm long, he had to be resuscitated at birth, and I got a glimpse of him as he got whisked to NICU. I spent 11 hours in recovery before I got to see him again, and the outlook wasn't good - I was so scared that I may never really see my little boy alive. I asked my friend to go and sit with him so he wasn't alone (I know about the doctors and nurses, but they're there in a professional capacity). When I was allowed to see him, he seemed bigger than I thought he would, and I can clearly remember seeing my baby through all the bits and bobs - he was on a ventilator, had the jaundice mask, was on drips, had ecg and O2 probes etc. - but I was so glad that he was alive, I cried tears of joy not of sorrow. I will never forget holding him for the first time when he was 2 weeks and 6 days old! He stayed in three different hospitals before he came home, after 72 days in neonatal (he came home at 40+3) weighing 4lb 9.

Unfortunately since coming home he has had to be admitted to hospital a few times for various reasons including emergency surgery, but he's a little fighter. I have him next to me now, he is now 24weeks and 4 days old (14 weeks and 5 days corrected) and is still dinky at 7lb 1oz, and people are shocked when I say he's nearly six months old - but I wouldn't change him for the world.


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