Seth Glenn

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My partner’s family had a history of pre-eclampsia, her mother lost her first child to it, and then her sister gave birth at 28 weeks. Seth was delivered at 30 weeks due to pre-eclampsia and lack of fluid in the womb. Delivered by c-scetion, my partner Janine didn't see Seth for two days due to the surgery. Our boy was a little trooper, never heard a peep from him through nappy changes, IV changes and Guthrie tests not a single noise.

Mum travelled nearly every day to Subiaco to be with him and I went straight from work to the hospital until late. Then did it all over again for months on end with a few scares along the way. We finally bought him home and recently celebrated his first birthday and only problem being minor lung problems due to his under developed lungs at birth we are so proud of him.

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