I fell pregnant at 38 very scary in itself and then my waters broke at 21 weeks, the Dr thought it was estragon and told me not to worry, but I was worried and seen another doctor who advised me to have an amnio. So we made the trek down to Liverpool hospital and I meet DR Brian Hollis what a great doctor we had amnio and found out my daughter only had half the amniotic fluid she should have and short stature, heart problem etc. On driving home that afternoon my partner and myself were devastated this was our only child.

So under a week later I was admitted to Liverpool hospital with 1cm of amniotic fluid left. Miles from home and scared 22+ weeks test after test and scan after scan every day, I was there for two months in that time I had two bleeds and was very close to having her under 25 weeks my partner and myself were taken up to NICU to show us just how it all works and to prepare us for what was to come.

In the time I spent in the hospital the staff & doctors were compassionate and went above and beyond to make me feel it was all going to be ok, they were there to do everything in their ability to do whatever needed to be done.

Feeling as though everything was stacked against me I was told of Miracle Babies, and meet Amanda. She changed the way I was thinking in one visit.

My daughter was born at 30+ weeks and was to me very small at 1.614g, 41cm it all happened so quick she was rushed up to NICU were she was to spend another 2months.

The NICU DRs and staff are great  caring and understanding to the needs of the parents, and care for the babies like they are their own truly amazing. My daughter Shelby-lee turns 4 this April and she is the most loving social smart young girl ....I thank NICU Liverpool hospital Doctors and staff and Miracle Babies every day for our Miracle SHELBY-LEE xxx


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