Miracle Mum Billie Jo's pregnancy with Zac was fairly smooth sailing, nothing out of the ordinary, and no red flags. It wasn't until she was on a trip out of town when she started to feel different.


Billie Jo remembers the day baby Zac rushed into the world.

"At 30 weeks I decided to enjoy what would probably be one last holiday away with my cousin, visiting my aunty in Albany. We decided to catch the bus down and arrived around 3pm. By dinner time I was experiencing excruciating back pain, although I passed this off as things just getting worse towards the end of my pregnancy as I had had back pain off and on throughout. By midnight I had been awake and off to the bathroom every ten or so minutes for well over an hour and was beginning to get worried that maybe I had gastro. Ringing my husband who was still in Perth, he suggested I get my aunty to drive me to hospital immediately- a good suggestion as it turned out I was in labour and little Zac was ready to come.

The poor doctor in Albany was not prepared to deliver a baby as pre term as Zac was, so he frantically pulled out all the tricks of the trade to try and stop this baby arriving. Several phone calls later, many drugs and I found myself on a tiny plane with the RFDS to Perth. For now, we were keeping this baby in. 

In less than 24 hours though baby Zachariah decided that no amount of rest or medication was going to stop him and following a very short active labour he arrived via vaginal forceps delivery.  I recall him being thrown to my chest so I could see him and then just as quickly whisked away. I don't remember anything about him from that first glimpse and it wasn't until several hours later that I was able to make my way down to the nursery to see him. I was told he was stable and so began our journey of 10 weeks driving over an hour back and forth every day to visit a little guy in hospital who was in too much of a hurry to arrive.

We did about seven weeks in KEMH and then the final three at Rockingham hospital. It all feels like a blur now to be honest, as were the first weeks at home trying to establish breastfeeding, which we ultimately gave up on and figured out sleep routines, which we still don't have!

Our little guy is now a thriving two year old and we are very thankful for our journey and the people we have met along the way. 

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Thank you to Miracle Mum Billie Jo for sharing her story.

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