31 Weeks



Diyoni is my first child and she was born as 31 weeks and 1 day. I had a mild pre-eclampsia and my local doctors in Warragul Hospital decided to send me to Monash Hospital in Clayton because Warragul didn't have the facilities to care for my baby until 34 weeks gestation.

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This is the story of the birth of my amazing little boy Vincent and his adventures in the NICU. On the 27th of December 2011 at 29 weeks I felt the familiar dizzy headache I had associated with my high BP so I checked it and it was 170/120.

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January 3rd 2012, I woke up at 5.00 in the morning with what I thought were cramps from my baby moving all day. The day went on and it just got worse so then figured I was just getting Braxton hicks.

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You never expect that you will have trouble starting a family. It took us only 5 months to become pregnant, so we assumed that everything would be fine. Very sadly we lost that baby at almost 11 weeks. It was crushing.

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[image]Olivia and Blair

Olivia and Blair

After trying to conceive for some time, my husband and I were finally successful to get pregnant via IVF. We were ecstatic to discover that I was pregnant with twins. Our dreams were finally coming true.

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Our beautiful daughter Mikayla was born on Wednesday 5th January 2011 at 4.04pm, weighing only 1765gms!

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Chloe and Emily

My husband Scott and I had been married for a few years when we decided that it was the right time to start a family. We were shocked and also over the moon to find out when we were 10 weeks pregnant that we were expecting twins.

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My little miracle baby was born on the 14th of March 2008. I woke up thinking I had wet the bed but then realised my waters had broken.

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I was admitted to the hospital because I had some respiratory issues. Aiden was due to be born on February 8th 2010, but there was another plan.

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I thought our journey would start to get easier from there but I was wrong. Declan started having trouble breathing 20 hours after birth so he was transferred to NICU in another hospital 20 mins away.  For the next 7 days he and I were in different hospitals so all I had to enjoy were photos and videos of my little boy.

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[image]Charlotte's Story

Charlotte's Story

Home just in time for Christmas: Baby Charlotte was born at 31 weeks, weighing just 1.5kg. After 38 days in NICU, she finally has finally gone home with her family, just in time for Christmas.

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[image]Evie Grace

Evie Grace

In the 6 minutes it took for them to move me up to the delivery ward, the placenta detached and they couldn’t find baby with CTG/scans. I was on the theatre table for an emergency c-section within a couple minutes.

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I was in so much shock, I couldn’t believe I had just become a Mum and I wasn’t sure if she would survive. I had never heard of premature babies before and I didn’t know how their life would turn out. 

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Doctors had no faith that she would survive much longer & was a non viable weight to deliver. A few days later we decided to drive 5 hours to a bigger hospital with a level 3 NICU to see if we could get even a little hope.

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[image]Charlotte Belle

Charlotte Belle

The doctor came to do a spec exam. She didn't seen concerned when she first arrived. However, once she had a look, her face changed. She hit the emergency button and called for the senior doctor urgently. He came in and had a look and yelled for theatre to be called ASAP!

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As I lay on the cold, hard hospital bed, I remember the Obstetrician's words so clearly. "See the clock? The time is now 12pm. Your baby will be born by 2pm.". I froze and began to sob. My baby wasn't ready to be born. I knew nothing of premature babies. Will he survive? If he does survive, what would his future hold?

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While they were working one nurse shoved me to my right side and said baby was not happy. In a matter of minutes my room was full of nurses and doctors and I was in excruciating pain. Then I heard the words “we are taking that baby out today - get her to an OR for a caesarean”.

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We had our baby at the NICU for 67 days. Every day was different - one day she was doing great the next day not so much. The NURSES & DOCTORS were absolutely amazing - they helped us so much.

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Nine weeks in hospital, 4 ambulance rides, 3 hospitals and countless heroic and amazing doctors, nurses, and stronger-than-life NICU mums and babies that we met along the way. We made it out two days shy of her due date.

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After four days of monitoring, Edith arrived via Emergency Caesarean. Before she was delivered, I really didn’t get time to wrap my head around the fact that she would be nine weeks premature or what this would mean for her, or for me.

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The first night going home without him was heart-breaking. Driving home I felt my heart being pulled in the other direction. I was thinking, “We are going the wrong way…. We should be going the other way, towards Ralph”.  I got home and got into bed and cried, and cried,  and cried.

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