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Baby Amaris' Miracle Mum shares the story of how a sudden spike in her protein levels, from 300 to 6000 meant the need for an early c-section. 

"The pregnancy was going very well until the day prior to the 30 week doctor visit... I started having a severe headache for 30 minutes but I thought it was normal for being pregnant.

The day after at a routine visit (exactly 30 weeks) I was diagnosed by my ob doctor with Preeclampsia. I had high blood pressure and high protein in urine.
I found myself on bed rest at the hospital and the next day they reordered a urine test to see how much protein was still in my urine and to help decide whether I was going to continue the bed rest at home or at the hospital.
The result wasn't even close to what I could've imagined! It went from 300, which was was the max normal value, to my new count of 6-thousand! The doctor was now expecting to deliver the baby at any moment.

I was able to remain on bed rest for 8 days at the hospital before I needed a c-section. My baby was born 1340kg at 31 weeks and 1 day. She was born breathing but not all the time, so the doctors had to put her on an oxygen machine. She was a very feisty newborn.

We had our baby at the NICU for 67 days. Every day was different - one day she was doing great the next day not so much.
The NURSES & DOCTORS were absolutely amazing - they helped us so much.

Finally we have our baby home and thanks god she is perfectly healthy. Those days were too difficult and I know exactly what you are going through but just know that there's light at the end of the tunnel."

Thank you for sharing.

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