My little miracle baby was born on the 14th of March 2008. I woke up thinking I had wet the bed but then realised my waters had broken. I ran to my mum’s room and she took me to the hospital where I was already 4cm dilated. The nurses gave me an injection of steroids for my baby’s lungs, then I went by ambulance to another hospital that could deliver her.

My labour was stopped for 2 days so I could get another injection to make my babies lungs stronger, it was very scary and I was told that stress had caused the premature labour. I started to think of what was important, and that was my baby inside me, I had a lot of family support and that’s all I needed.

I went back into labour and my mum and I tried to walk around as much as possible because we knew I would have to lay down during my labour. I had a great labour, had an awesome midwife and doctors, and had my wonderful mum, my sister and best friend with me throughout. It all was the most special time of my life.

My baby girl Annabelle was born at 10.11pm on the 14th March 2008, weighing in at 1846 grams. She breathed on her own and I even got to hold her for 1 minute before they took her to Special Care Nursery. Annabelle stayed in hospital for 5 weeks all up and I was there with her every day. At 12 days old she was out of her crib and moving to a closer hospital. I managed to breast feed for 3 months, was very proud as it was hard to express for those first 3 weeks. She is now 2 1/2 and the best thing in my life!

Thank you to Liverpool Hospital, Campbelltown Hospital and Miracle Babies, they were all so nice to me and gave my daughter the best care possible and I am very grateful!


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