Charlotte Belle

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Miracle Mum, Hayley recounts how in just six minutes, a calm examination turned into an emergency c-section.

"At 31+5 weeks my waters broke at home. I had been on steroids for two days the week prior due to an early labour scare, so we weren't overly worried as we thought they would be able to stop baby coming for a little bit longer.

As we got to the hospital it was all very calm and the midwives were just doing simple obs waiting for the doctor to come do an internal spec exam to confirm my membranes had ruptured and if I was dilated.

What we didn't plan for was the following events. About 40 mins later the doctor came to do her spec exam. She didn't seen concerned when she first arrived. However, once she had a look, her face changed. She hit the emergency button and called for the senior doctor urgently. He came in and had a look and yelled for theatre to be called ASAP!

I had a cord prolapse and was dilating very quickly - it was becoming more of an emergency as the seconds went by. I was rushed down the hallway - which I only thought happened in movies. From the initial spec exam to arriving in theatre was just 6 mins. Another 2 mins later and bub was out. Our little fighter came out a small 4 pounds and was put on CPAP for 30 hours.

She is currently 33+2 And doing amazing! It was a super close call and we feel very lucky she is here after such an ordeal. We have a long way to go but eventually we will get to take her home."

Thank you Hayley for sharing your story.

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