Diyoni is my first child and she was born as 31 weeks and 1 day. I had a mild pre-eclampsia and my local doctors in Warragul Hospital decided to send me to Monash Hospital in Clayton because Warragul didn't have the facilities to care for my baby until 34 weeks gestation.

I was admitted to Monash on 28th of March and on the 29th all my reports came as positive, they were to try and keep the baby with me as long as they could. But suddenly on 30th of March my baby was in distress, and the Doctors made the decision to get her out.

I had an emergency caesarean and my daughter came to this world and she was only weighted 1070 grams. She is the tiniest baby I had ever seen but she was a perfect like a little doll. She was so tiny but my husband and I were so happy to become parents. On her first days in NICU she had low platelets and even though that was her only issue every time the Doctors came to see me my heart rate would go up, because I didn't want any bad news.

I lived in a totally different world for 1 1/2 months, our friends gave us a good support and one of our good friends provided us with accommodation. After she had done her 28th day eye check they decided to send her to Warragul Hospital where she could be closer to our home. That day was so relief. She spent another 2 weeks at Warragul Hospital, gaining weight and then one day the Paediatrician and nurse asked if I was ready to take her home. I said of course yes! Finally the day came and we brought our little doll home, my husband and I cried from all for happiness and joy in our life. We are now one of happiest family in this planet and enjoying our parenthood with our sweetheart.

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