Evie Grace


Baby Evie Grace's arrival was a whirlwind for Miracle Mum, Kaitlyn. She shares the story of how quickly things happened and the amazing NICU care provided to her precious bub.

"In January I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and admitted into Hospital to be monitored. Everything was going fine and they were talking about discharging me after two days.

On the morning of the third day, I had a bedside scan and the doctor said the blood flow from me to the placenta & the fluid around Baby was worse than before but Baby was still happy. He advised that Baby would be better off out and booked me in for a c-section in two days time.

However, at about 6:30pm that night, my partner and mum had gone home for the night, and I’d just had my observations done. I was chatting away with the midwife when I had a major bleed. My partner had just got home when the midwife called him to tell him to come back.

After about 10 minutes of monitoring, they decided to prep me for a c-section just in case. After about 20 minutes I started getting really bad pain in my lower back so they decided to take me from the Antenatal Ward to the Delivery Ward so we were closer to the theatre.

In the 6 minutes it took for them to move me up to the delivery ward, the placenta detached and they couldn’t find baby with CTG/scans. I was on the theatre table for an emergency c-section within a couple minutes, and they put me completely under about 5 minutes later. Baby came out in the sack and wasn’t breathing. They resuscitated her and just as they were taking her to NICU, my partner walked out of the lift - he was able to watch the measurements and initial care.

Evie Grace was born at 7:38pm, weighing in at 1300 grams and measuring at 38.9cm long. 

Meanwhile, I was still in theatre - I lost 5 and a half litres of blood after a Placental Abruption and woke up in recovery at about 11:00pm. They eventually took me in to see Evie briefly at about 1am, but I don't really remember much of it and I wasn't able to hold her until the next day.

It was one of the hardest things I've ever done, leaving Evie in hospital and going home - but knowing that she was healthy and in such amazing hands made it just a little bit easier. Evie came home after 7 weeks and has been smashing goals! She is doing so well, weighing in at nearly 4kg now and even giving us little smiles!

We cannot thank Women's & Children's Hospital in Adelaide and the surgeons/midwives/hospital staff enough for acting so quickly and saving both of our lives. One day I hope to be able to catch up with them all to thank them in person!"

Thank you Kaitlyn for sharing your touching story.

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