Our beautiful daughter Mikayla was born on Wednesday 5th January 2011 at 4.04pm, weighing only 1765gms!

She went directly into NICU for breathing difficulties and needed CPAP assistance for two days before breathing on her own.

Mikayla had high infection markers and after a lumbar puncture they found she had meningitis. She had a long line antibiotic drip for 14 days, once the drip was remove and she learnt to stabalise her own body temp we put her into an open cot and for the first time and she was able to wear clothes (was a very exciting day for mummy).

On Monday 7th February after her nasal gastric tube was removed we were able to take her home.  She is now gaining weight beautifully, weighing 3395gms and counting.

I don’t have enough words to thank all the staff at the Mercy hospital for everything they did for our beautiful girl and I'm thankful that we are one of the lucky ones to still have our daughter with us today!

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