Olivia and Blair

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After trying to conceive for some time, my husband and I were finally successful to get pregnant via IVF. We were ecstatic to discover that I was pregnant with twins. Our dreams were finally coming true. Apart from horrendous morning sickness, the pregnancy initially went fairly well. When I was about 26 weeks pregnant we decided to go for a walk. As we were driving out I told my husband I had a terrible headache and that I "just didn't feel right". We went to the local hospital and it was discovered that my blood pressure was dangerously high. I was flown out via Air Ambulance to Dubbo Base Hospital where they confirmed my diagnosis of preecmplasia. My condition worsened. I started to lose my vision, my nose was continually bleeding, my feet were so swollen I could hardly walk. So I was flown out to Westmead Hospital in Sydney. The staff there were fantastic. It wasn't long until they stablised my blood pressure and I had to try and hold on to the babies as long as I could. Daily ultrasounds started to show that Twin B (my son Blair) was not growing as he should.

Right on 31 weeks both of my babies were born via c-section. Twin A - my daughter Olivia weighed 1800 grams. Twin B - (who was struggling to survive in utero) - my son Blair weighed exactly half that of his sister at 900 grams. I was in total shock after the birth. A lot of what happened was a bit of a blur. I cannot even recall visiting them in the NICU for the first time. I always recall however the look of shock on my mother’s face the first time she saw me after the birth. It had been such a long and difficult road. Now my focus was on my beautiful babies. I had so many mixed feelings afterwards. I was excited they were here, but at the same time I felt sad, frightened and at times confused. I was lucky I had the support of my wonderful husband. I also found it great to talk to other mums who were in the same position as I was.

After many tears, many ups and downs, many medical emergencies and a total of 100 days in hospital, our babies and I finally got to go home. The first few years entailed a lot of medical appointments and some therapies such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and even some surgeries. My twins now are coming up to their 9th birthday. They are both perfectly healthy (and sometimes cheeky) 8 year olds. My daughter got dux of her school last year, she loves music and classical ballet and more importantly she is such a caring and loving person. My son loves drama and computers and is a real "mums boy" (lucky me). I feel so lucky to have been blessed with these children.


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