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Miracle Mum, Jemma was 25 weeks pregnant when she was told her daughter would not likely survive for much longer in the womb. She shares the story of how she fought for her baby and sought a life-saving second opinion.

"After a long journey suffering severe morning sickness & multiple hospital admissions we went for a specialist ultrasound at 25 weeks where I found out  Sophia had severe IUGR with reverse blood flow through the cord. Doctors had no faith that she would survive much longer & was a non viable weight to deliver. 

A few days later we decided to drive 5 hours to a bigger hospital with a level 3 NICU to see if we could get even a little hope.

After 6 weeks of scans & monitoring Sophia was delivered at 31 weeks 2 days weighing a tiny 630g.

After 84 days we were able to fly home to our local hospital and at 96 days we finally went home."

Thank you Jemma for sharing your heart-warming story.

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