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Miracle Mum, Georgia was 7 months pregnant and getting ready for a high tea fundraiser for premature babies when she was rushed to hospital to give birth to her baby at 31 weeks. She shares the story of baby William's arrival.

"If I had been told two years ago that I'd be one of the 8.6% of Mothers who give birth prematurely, I would not have believed it. On the 18 July I became one of those statistics. I gave birth to my son at 31 weeks, weighing 1.75kg (3lb, 11oz). It was absolutely terrifying.

The day before his surprise delivery, I was 7 months pregnant and getting ready to meet friends for a high tea. The irony was that the event was a fundraiser to support premature babies; The Mater Little Miracles. As I was digging through my maternity wear for a suitable dress, I felt a gush of liquid fall from me like a waterfall; It was blood.

This wasn't the first time that I had experienced bleeding during my pregnancy. Being diagnosed with Placenta Previa, this was the third time. We knew the drill. My husband called the hospital, and I went in for observations. By the time we arrived the bleeding had stopped, and by all accounts, myself and our boy were fine.

After an overnight stay, I lay on the hospital bed awaiting the Obstetrician's discharge. To pass the time my husband and I discussed what to do for dinner... Bangers and mash was on the tip of my tongue when all of a sudden, I felt another gush. The bleeding had returned.

As the emergency alarm sounded, a myriad of nurses and doctors rushed in. I was not concerned. This had happened before and the bleeding always stopped. But this time was different. It didn't.

As I lay on the cold, hard hospital bed, I remember the Obstetrician's words so clearly. "See the clock? The time is now 12pm. Your baby will be born by 2pm.". I froze and began to sob. My baby wasn't ready to be born. I knew nothing of premature babies. Will he survive? If he does survive, what would his future hold?

After a blur of theatre prep, doctor briefings and tests, our baby boy, William, was born crying at 1.42pm. He was whisked away for tests and care, but as he was carried past me, I caught a brief glimpse. He was absolutely perfect. Just tiny.

It was three days before I could hold William, and a further two before my husband had the chance. He spent 33 days in intensive care and special care, and when he finally could wear clothes the 000000 were too big.

Each day in hospital we faced new challenges and experienced new milestones; Breathing on his own, being cord free, breastfeeding, gaining weight, going to an open air cot and most specially, going home.  

Two years on and it seems like a lifetime ago. Whilst his entrance to the world didn't quite go as planned, we are just so grateful to have a happy, healthy and perfect baby boy. He's now as a three year old and a big brother to his full term brother, Henry. 

To all those parents out there with babies in the NICU or SCN, you're doing great x"

Thank you Georgia for sharing your story.




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