32 Weeks

[image]Baker Quads

Baker Quads

After three years of trying to conceive naturally. My husband, Tim and I decided to seek professional help from a Fertility Specialist. After a laparoscopy I was told I had endometriosis and one of my ovaries had fused to the wall of my uterus. But there was every chance we call fall pregnant using IUI

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2012 was the year our miracle son would enter this world and change our lives forever! Our world started to spiral quickly out of control at 27 weeks pregnant when a collapsed lung was revealed due to a pleural effusion!

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Charlotte was born at 32 weeks, weighing 1.835kgs. I had complications, and required an emergency C- Section. Charlotte was put on C-PAP for her breathing and was given a full blood transfusion.

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Australia Day, 2010, I was 31 weeks and 3 days. I stood up from the lounge and felt a gush of water.

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[image]Aliyah Lucette

Aliyah Lucette

I found out I was pregnant around 6 weeks, we were very excited awaiting the arrival of a new bundle of joy already having a lovely 7 year old daughter. My pregnancy went quite smoothly up until week 14 where I started to experience terrible morning sickness, It would last all day and most of the night.

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I had a normal pregnancy until I was 32 weeks when I started bleeding heavily and having contractions. I went to the hospital and found out that I was not actually in labour...

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I had been to see my midwife at Gosford hospital on Friday the 6th of July, my routine check all was fine I would see my midwife again in a few weeks.

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This is my sweet baby girl Shaylee Marie she was born on May 28 2010 at only 4 lbs 11 oz and 17 inches long, her due date was still a whole month and a half away when she was born.

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I was 32 weeks and 6 days when my little girl decided she had had enough and wanted out. I'd had a big Easter weekend and asked a friend to drop me off at the Women and Children's Hospital in Adelaide after noticing some fluid.

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[image]Harper and Cleo

Harper and Cleo

As I lay there gob-smacked and freaking out, the Dr went on to tell me that the babies were Monoamniotic/Monochorionic identical twins, due to the egg splitting 8-13 days after fertilization.

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[image]Carrera and TJ

Carrera and TJ

Sydney Southwest Hospital at Liverpool were amazing. Within minutes the delivery room was filled with every doctor and nurse needed to ensure my babies had the best possible chance of survival. The biggest memory was having the head of the ward holding my hand the whole time the C-Section was being performed. She didn't leave my side for a minute.

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I gave birth to Dokada naturally with her weighing 1.480 grams. She was taken directly to NICU after her birth. Despite being so small she came off the sleep pap a few days later.

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The day they told me I could bring him home at 35+3 weeks I cried for 20 minutes overwhelmed by the feeling of 'what do I do now?'. How do I look after something so small without the amazing nurses and doctors there double checking and assuring me it's all normal?

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My baby girl Sienna Jade was born at 32 weeks and weighing in at a tiny 1577g. She was born at Liverpool Hospital and quickly transferred to the NICU where she spent her first 19 days.

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I will always be thankful for the staff at Fiona Stanley Hospital for not only saving both our lives, but also for giving us whatever support my husband and I needed to cope with out situation. And while I will never forget the terror of his birth, seeing Ruben’s smiling happy little face every day makes every inch of that terror worth it. 

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The decision was made and I was to be flown via air ambulance to Newcastle that night. By 1am I was 4cm dilated and taken in for an emergency c-section after labouring for a day. Two attempts were made to stop labour but were unsuccessful. 

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[image]Sarah and Emma

Sarah and Emma

These girls defied every statistic in the book and continue to amaze me everyday. I have never been so grateful for my Dr Brad Armstrong, the team at the MFM Clinic at Mater Brisbane and everyone at Greenslopes Private Hospital involved in the girls care.

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The day Alexandra was born Geha had high blood pressure and felt like her face and feet were swelling. When the doctor told her she had Preeclampsia she began to cry saying "why me", as it was her first baby.

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I had preeclampsia but didn’t find out until I was 30 weeks along. My symptoms of preeclampsia started to get worse and worse until I was rushed to hospital with sky high blood pressure.

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To say it’s a emotional roller coaster doesn’t even describe it. It’s a whole different world in there. You become a family with the nurses and doctors and you meet other great parents in the NICU. But by far the hardest thing is seeing your baby suffering, and knowing you can’t do anything but sit there.

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I wasn’t able to hold my baby girl when she was born. I wasn’t even able to see her until the second day due to the room she was in. I cried over photos the nurses took alone in my hospital room that night. Each day while recovering from my surgery I was wheeled to be by Eva’s bed. I held her for the first time after 2 days.

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The flow in the cord reversed and I was given steroids at 31 weeks. The cord improved for a couple of days and at 32.3 weeks I had my daily scan and the cord was back to reverse. It was time!

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The next 4 weeks in hospital were probably one of the most traumatic times in my life. Logan was treated for jaundice, apnea’s, temperature instability, he had ultrasounds, bloodwork done daily, his poor little foot was a pin cushion. Cuddles were limited, I was told when I’d be able to hold my baby, when to feed him, when to change him. I had control over nothing.

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Our nursery journey was relatively smooth with 'normal' premmie complications. Which is far from normal for any other child. Watching your fragile baby go through so much is beyond heartbreaking, but so awe inspiring.

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[image]Joshua (1)

Joshua (1)

By the time our 20wk scan came the sickness had started to subside. This is also when we were hit with a blow that our baby boy was measuring 24 days behind and potentially had a major chromosome issue

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Amelia was born with the cord around her body and neck. It was a very scary time, but the nurses and my obstetrician were amazing. She needed a dose of Surfactant to help her lungs and only needed the help of the oxygen for 27 hours.

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My Teddy made an appearance after an official labour time of 35 minutes – I still had my work dress on. If that wasn't enough of a shock he was then whisked away to NICU 

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My journey to have a family has definitely been a rollercoaster. My story involves two stillbirths, a NICU journey and a lot of love, tears, frustration and hope.

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Because she arrived during COVID-19, for the first couple of weeks the hospital only allowed one parent at a time to visit.

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