Australia Day, 2010, I was 31 weeks and 3 days. I stood up from the lounge and felt a gush of water.

As we were living at the Sunshine Coast we went to Nambour General Hospital, where we were told that due to my being under 32 weeks I would be sent straight to Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital. I waited in the maternity ward and 4 days later started contracting.A dalita was born at 5:10am, right on 32 weeks, weighing 1673grams.

After being discharged I went to stay at Ronald McDonald House, and my husband and our then-19-mth-old son came to stay with me. After 12 days we were transferred back to Nambour. Adalita left Nambour after a further two weeks. She came home 4 weeks and 3 days before she was due to be born, healthy and strong but just very tiny.

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