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Being the mother of a preemie baby has taught Miracle Mum, Samantha to be patient and to believe in miracles. She shares her story to remind others how amazing these tiny humans can be. 

"I always had a feeling that this little man wouldn't make his 37 week induction date. I walked into the hospital to get his movement checked as he had been super quiet that day and as I'm sitting there waiting for the movement to start I could feel this wet liquidy sensation - my waters had broken with good timing being in the hospital!

It was all a blur as I was hooked up to drips and monitors, doctors and nurses came in and out explaining everything and trying to answer my million questions. My biggest fear was long term issues due to my bub being a preemie.

Alaric was born a few hours later, twisted in his umbilical cord and a foot wedged up at his head. He was a good size at 2.2kg, and he needed just a few hours on CPAP before he was determined to breathe unassisted. In his first week we had 2 rounds of phototherapy for jaundice and dropped down to just under 2kg. But from there he turned a corner and begun to gain weight and learned to breastfeed and maintain his own body temperature.

We moved to a hospital closer to home at 10 days old and from there we continued to grow and thrive despite a few small setbacks. Alaric has shown me the meaning of strength and what it means to be a fighter.

The day they told me I could bring him home at 35+3 weeks I cried for 20 minutes overwhelmed by the feeling of 'what do I do now?'. How do I look after something so small without the amazing nurses and doctors there double checking and assuring me it's all normal?

Alaric is now nearly 6 months (4 months corrected) and it's hard to believe how far he's come. He can roll over, gives the biggest smiles and is an an amazing little snuggle bug - I love our cuddles. He loves the bath and finds his big brother and sister fascinating. We've been readmitted to the hospital twice for illness but he recovered quickly.

Being a preemie mum teaches you patience, strength and just so much amazingness... and that miracles do happen.

Alaric continues to remind me everyday just how amazing these tiny humans are. You will never forget the experience or the people who have helped you along the way. We have life long buddies now from our stay in the NICU/SCN. I just love how no matter what, he continues to be strong and tackles everything life throws at him."

Thank you Samantha for sharing your inspiring story.

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