Aliyah Lucette


I found out I was pregnant around 6 weeks, we were very excited awaiting the arrival of a new bundle of joy already having a lovely 7 year old daughter. My pregnancy went quite smoothly up until week 14 where I started to experience terrible morning sickness, It would last all day and most of the night. I found the most relief being to lie on the cold tiles although this was not very practical. By 16 weeks I was still feeling sick with what seemed to be an eternity. I had also developed small raised lumps on my arms, tummy and right leg. At first I thought it was mozzie bites as they would itch and itch terribly and looked quite similar but they did not go away, I attended my doctor's appointment where they were identified as being just a pregnancy aliment after many tests.

We had our 20 week scan where we were told we would be having a little girl! We were so excited. Everything was fine although my cervix seemed to have shortened a little but nothing to worry about at this point. I completed my GD test at 26 weeks where I was identified positive for gestational diabetes which was managed by diet quite well. I still felt sick regularly but managed to cope by eating cold ice blocks. I was now having weekly internal scans to monitor my cervix, as it was slowly continuing to shorten, the doctors believed this was due to treatment for CIN 3 and monitored me closely.

It was Thursday 27th of April and as it was my birthday the next day my husband decided to take me to dinner this night as the following night was the birthday party and my sisters would be coming to stay with me. We travelled about an hour away to Cronulla where we had a beautiful seafood meal, on the journey home I was tired and suffered severe back ache but assumed this was due to the long car trip. That night I could barely touch my swollen tummy, I thought I may have gotten food poisoning but by morning felt a lot better. I got up early and cleaned the entire house, I went to the shops and completed all my shopping, and by the time I got home my back was killing me. My sisters arrived and we were all getting ready for the party, before we were to leave, I thought it best to make a quick bathroom trip and as I was finishing I noticed something or what I thought was more urine running down my leg, I wiped and wiped but it didn't stop. I called my husband and realised my waters had broken; we then made the journey to the hospital I was only 31 weeks +5 days.

On arrival at Liverpool hospital, I was examined where it was confirmed my waters were broken, was having very irregular small contractions where they decided to administer a course of steroid injections for the baby's lung's, I was later admitted down to the antenatal ward where I was told I would stay until delivery. The next day was fine, I was a little uncomfortable still leaking lightly but fine otherwise, on Sunday I felt a little down as this was my baby shower day but family & friends kindly came to visit to lift my spirits. My sister decided it was time to return home as it seemed not much was happening; being school holidays my eldest daughter was going to go with her for a little break while all this was happening. That night from midnight the contractions intensified with full force, I was in and out of the shower all night and this was between monitoring the baby's heart rate etc. By morning I felt awful and started to have a low grade fever, & tenderness to touch in the abdomen, during the doctor's rounds it was decided to send me back to birthing and delivery it was time for my little one to arrive. I was monitored and checked regularly my contractions where slightly irregular so a decision to give me the syntocin drip was made, my contractions then hot with full force! I lay in the bed hoping it will all end soon. By 7:30pm the OB came to check me, and I was still sitting at only 2 cm dilated, they decided it was time for a caesarean section as the baby's heart rate was jumping around. I was prepped and taken to the theatre where my husband held my hand, within minutes my daughter Aliyah Lucette Olise was born @ 32 weeks at 9:00PM weighing 2125 grams, and measuring 48 cm long.

She let out a small cry and soon after developed respiratory distress syndrome and required a little help. The doctor gave me a quick kiss and she was rushed to the NICU. Aliyah was only in the NICU for 3 weeks; she was on CPAP with oxygen for approximately 96 hours and there after low flow for three days. She suffered jaundice twice requiring phototherapy, one for 24 hours and a 2nd time for 48 hours. Within a week I had her breast feeding in between tubes, and by week three we were on full suck feeds. It was the best day in the world when I arrived early one morning and being told I was able to take my darling daughter home. Aliyah is now a happy 5 year old, she has no ongoing problems other than eczema and asthma, she is a bubbly happy little girl and we are blessed to have her with us

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