Carrera and TJ

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As a young girl, you think about meeting a man, getting married, having the big wedding and then children. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I was going to have terrible pregnancies or births...I was riddled with endometriosis.  

I was told by a few doctors, professor and specialists that I would never fall pregnant. I had surgery after surgery, until I meet Pauline Rose (naturopath). She told me I wasn't falling pregnant because all the doctors were treating the problem and not the cause! After 3 months of her treatment, I was pregnant with TWINS! 

I thought to myself, right - all the hard work is over now, just enjoy the pregnancy and the quiet time until the babies get here. Totally excited that I was having TWINS!!! 

By the time I got to 3 months, I started losing weight as my morning sickness was hideous. In my 2nd trimester I was diagnosed with a condition called cholestasis. This is when your liver doesn't function well and you itch and scratch yourself constantly. At times it was intolerable. The Doctor told me this condition affects less than one in 100 pregnant women and the risk of our babies being stillborn is 15 per cent higher now that I had this condition. I was hospitalised from this point as each day I had to have blood tests to monitor my liver function. 

After 2 weeks and only 28 weeks pregnant, I was pulling my hair out with this itching. I looked like I had contracted the chicken pox and I was bleeding from the scratching. At 30 weeks the Doctor told me my liver functions were minimal and my skin colour was starting to go yellow. 

At 31 weeks pregnancy, 25 years old and totally exhausted from scratching myself and sleepless nights, my obstetrician came into my room to tell me my liver results were progressively worse. I received my first warning that either myself or the children were not going to survive natural child birth as I wasn't strong enough and the babies were too small.

I remember telling my husband, John that I felt cheated. Why did God put me through so much to fall pregnant, then to have such a horrible pregnancy and now this!. I asked the doctors to give me another ultrasound so that I could see the babies again and we could determine the actual size of their lungs and gain further advice around what their chances were if I just held on for another week!

I made the decision to take steroids for a week to help develop the babies lungs which was going to give them a better chance of survival, but the down side was my liver was under more pressure. I did it anyway. I was weak, tired, fatigued and yellow as a daffodil. I still remember my Doctor walking into my room and saying, "Rosanna, we don't have any more time, we are taking you in."  At 32 weeks and 5 days, I had done my best and it was time to deliver the twins.

Sydney Southwest Hospital at Liverpool were amazing. Within minutes the delivery room was filled with every doctor and nurse needed to ensure my babies had the best possible chance of survival. The biggest memory was having the head of the ward holding my hand the whole time the C-Section was being performed. She didn't leave my side for a minute. The twins were delivered weighing in at 1.4kg and 1.6kg's. They were quite small and required assistance in breathing, with Carrera, our daughter needing to be on a c-pap machine for a period of 2 weeks.  She struggled the most even though she was the bigger baby and decided on many occasions to stop breathing. The nurses and hospital were amazing in bringing her back each time!  

Little did I know, the whole time I was going through this, a remarkable woman called Melinda Cruz was watching on the sideline as she had given birth to her very own premature baby. The very next year Miracle Babies was founded by this very same person, Melinda Cruz after going through her own trials and tribulations of having premature babies.

These are pictures of our Carrera, TJ and Orlando. All 3 were premature babies and we make it our mission each Xmas to go back to the hospital and thank them for all their hard work and to remind ourselves of how lucky we really are!!!

- Miracle Mum, Rosanna

 Carrera and TJ (1)  Carrera and TJ (2)

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