Charlotte was born at 32 weeks, weighing 1.835kgs. I had complications, and required an emergency C- Section. Charlotte was put on C-PAP for her breathing and was given a full blood transfusion. She also had 2 cannulas in her tiny hands and a nasal gastric tube for feeding. There were other cords monitoring her breathing and vitals.

I was overwhelmed when I first saw her and just wanted to hold her, but we could only hold her once a day for a few hours; that was the hardest part, she would be crying and I could not pick her up to comfort her.

The NICU staff were beyond amazing and they really helped my husband and I with the situation and they also helped me to deal with the guilt that I felt due to Charlotte's early arrival.

Charlotte progressed really well and was transferred to the SCN at 4 weeks of age where she stayed for 5 days. The SCN was more relaxed and the staff there were also extremely helpful and caring.

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