Miracle Mum, Jacklyn shares her story of welcoming baby Dokada into the world:

"I was very sick during my pregnancy having been diagnosed with an electrolyte imbalance. As I was forecast to get sicker my best option was to be induced.

I gave birth to Dokada naturally with her weighing 1.480 grams. She was taken directly to NICU after her birth. Despite being so small she came off the sleep pap a few days later.

She still needed to have feeding tubes in and also had a heart murmur, which happily ended up closing over. When she got stronger she went to the Special Care Baby Unit to fatten up. She was able to leave the hospital the week before her due date .

She is currently on a Neonatal Early Discharge program, but we are still going through challenges with Dokada due to her weight going up and down.

But we're so happy to share she is now 14 weeks old, 7 weeks corrected."

Thank you to Miracle Mum, Jacklyn for sharing her family's story.  

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