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Miracle Mum, Ellie had to navigate a lot of 'firsts' for her and her family when she welcomed baby Fletcher into the world. She shares the story of her emotional roller-coaster ride.

"Where do I start... first baby, first premature baby in the family, first case of Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome in the family.

I was 30 weeks when I went to my GP for swollen feet, legs and face, he told me not to worry because I was just getting heavier in my pregnancy. I also had a private gynaecologist and I pushed my appointment forward from 32 weeks to 31 weeks. He tested my blood pressure, which continued to spike, and tested my urine for protein, which showed high levels. He admitted me straight away into Hawkesbury hospital (which is where I was booked in to have my bub). However, I was transferred to Nepean hospital 3 days later.

I was on high watch every 30 minutes for my blood pressure. No medication was helping bring it down and four days later, they said, it was time to get baby out via emergency C-section.

When they got my little boy out, I didn’t hear him cry, I didn’t get to see him. He was put straight on resus, high pressure oxygen and taken away. I didn’t get to see him until 7 hours later. He weighed in at 1.583kg, but his lungs were four weeks behind his age. He had Chronic Lunge Disease and spent a lot of time on Cpap x 2, High flow x 2, low flow x 2. We spent seven and a half weeks in the NICU, arriving home three days before his due date. We come home on medication to drain all fluids from his lungs in order to help him breathe. He was on them for another two months and he's now medication free. 

To say it’s a emotional roller coaster doesn’t even describe it. It’s a whole different world in there. You become a family with the nurses and doctors and you meet other great parents in the NICU. But by far the hardest thing is seeing your baby suffering, and knowing you can’t do anything but sit there. My bub is now 6 months old, weighing 7kg and thriving!"

Thank you Ellie for sharing your moving story.

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