I had been to see my midwife at Gosford hospital on Friday the 6th of July, my routine check all was fine I would see my midwife again in a few weeks.

I was feeling a little sick and thought that I may be coming down with something, being a mum of a 16 month old was making me quite tried so I put it down to that. On Wednesday the 11th of July I thought I would go see a doctor as I was still feeling unwell with pain in the tummy and feeling a bit light headed I thought I should get checked out. I was at the doctor's that afternoon and was told that my blood pressure was quite high and I would need to go to hospital or make contact with my midwife as soon as I got home.

I called my midwife as she was away on holidays I got another midwife who would be taking care of me. I told her what the doctor had said and she and I felt that I was ok to stay at home and go down first thing on Thursday morning to have a day stay and be monitored for a few hours to see how I was. I got to the hospital, was put in a room and was seen by my midwife, who was going to monitor my blood pressure and also take a urine sample's over the next few hours.

My blood pressure was all over the place but was still staying very high I had done a few urine sample and was told I had a very high amount of protein in my urine, I had pre-eclampsia. I was seen by a doctor who told me the news that I would not be returning home and that I would need to start medicine straight away and also steroids for the baby’s lungs.

I was given some tablets to help with the blood pressure which was staying quite high now and also my first injection of steroids. I was then told the news that my blood pressure was staying very high and I was going to be transferred to Royal North Shore where I would more than likely have my baby in the next week. I had my Mum and my friend Michelle with me and had to make the phone call to my partner Ben and let him know what was happening, I was crying, so scared and unsure what was going to happen and wondered will my baby make it.

I had Ben bring me some things and I was ready and waiting for the ambulance to take me to Royal North Shore. The ambulance arrived and the two ladies and my midwife were ready to go, I had to say goodbye to my Mum and Michelle and the next time I would see them I might have a baby. So off to the hospital we went.

We arrived at Royal North shore late Thursday night were my midwife left me in the hands of the staff. Royal North shore is where I stayed till late Saturday afternoon when all of a sudden my blood pressure was out of control and I was moved from maternity to the birthing suite where the doctor then told me at 9pm I would need to have my baby in the next 12 to 24 hours, I was beside myself not knowing what was going to happen next.

I had to be moved to Liverpool hospital where I would have my baby by c-section first thing in the morning. I made a phone call to Ben for him to come and meet me at Liverpool hospital and then called my sister Rachel who went and looked after our son Cayden.

The ambulance came and we were off to Liverpool with a new midwife, and another wonderful pair of girls who talked about baby names and made me laugh the whole way while deep down I was extremely scared. I arrived at Liverpool with Ben waiting outside the ambulance bay for me.

We went straight through to delivery where I had the utmost care possible. I had at least 6 to 8 people in the room ready and waiting to care for me. I was seem by the doctor and depending on how my blood pressure was throughout the night would depend on what would happen the next morning. I was monitored every hour through the night and Ben was with me as well.

First thing in the morning I was told I would need to have my baby, after a long talk with my doctor I was going to be induced and as long as the baby and I were fine I could birth naturally which is what I wanted. I was given gel at 9am and started having contractions but slept through them till 1pm when the doctor came and broke my waters. Ones my waters were broken 2pm I started active labour at 3:32pm

I gave birth to our girl Jorja Maree weighing 1550gms. She was screaming, the best sound we could of hoped for, I had a very brief look at my girl before she was taken away with Daddy at her side.

Ben came back and told me the new she was doing just perfect and the next 24 hours were most important. I went and saw my girl at 7pm, she was doing well and was so perfect. Jorja did extremely well I was put into the maternity ward where I stayed till Tuesday the 17th. I went back home to the Central coast and my baby girl would be back with us on Wednesday 18th in the morning arriving at Gosford hospital.

We had a few up's and down but Jorja did so well she was putting on weight feeding and was perfect. On Sunday the 5th of August our girl came home weighing 2000gms she was 3 weeks old (35weeks). She now a wonderful happy healthy 1year old weighing 8.5kgs (10mths corrected)

She is our little fighter. Not a day goes by I don't think about what happened to us, but we are just one of the lucky ones who came home with our girl.

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