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Miracle Mum, Louise shares the story of her tiny but mighty Joshua's arrival into the world.

"I knew within days after the embryo transfer I was pregnant - the sickness kicked in straight away. By the time I was 18 weeks I had multiple trips to the day stay for fluids and had lost 10kg in weight.

Finally, by the time our 20wk scan came the sickness had started to subside. This is also when we were hit with a blow that our baby boy was measuring 24 days behind and potentially had a major chromosome issue.

Our world fell apart after being told our son would most likely not make it. We decided to perform amniocentesis there and then to rule out triploidy and any other chromosome issue. This came back negative which then pointed to a placental issue as the likely cause.

Each week at our MFM appointments we were met with poor prognosis and failure to thrive summary until we could make 28weeks and 500grams. Joshua had severe igur.

The MFM team were incredible and never let us give up hope. Joshua continued to grow on his own curve. We finally made it to 32weeks when I was admitted due to heart decels. Two days later I went into preterm labour and the blood flow had reversed.

Joshua was born by emergency c section, weighing 820g. We had a long stay in NICU of almost 90 days but finally came home with him weighing 2.3kg. He doesn't have any health issues... he's tiny but mighty."

Thank you Louise for sharing your family story.

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