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Miracle Mum, Tamsin welcomed baby Nate into the world on Christmas day, with a 20 month old at home. She shares how the memories of the day now make Christmas bitter-sweet for her.

"Our first child was born full term, so having a premmie was an unexpected journey we had to take.

Going into labour at 30 weeks and having a baby in a breech position meant going into hospital on bed rest away from my then 20 month old son. Being away from him was unbelievably difficult and during the Christmas period made it even harder.

Thankfully bed rest and medication delayed my labour and I was released from hospital for Christmas. However, on Christmas eve my contractions began again. So, after putting my son to bed I went into hospital for monitoring. By the time I arrived my contractions had stopped, but the swab test indicated labour was imminent. I was placed into the ward and fasted in case things changed. Two hours later I was rushed to theatre and my baby was born at 32+6 on Christmas morning at 3.23am.

He was taken away to the nursery and I did not see him until 14 hours later due to some complications. I also didn't get to see my other son on Christmas day.

Nate struggled the first few days with a few breathing and bowel complications but was stable enough on day 4 for our first cuddle. Our nursery journey was relatively smooth with 'normal' premmie complications. Which is far from normal for any other child. Watching your fragile baby go through so much is beyond heartbreaking, but so awe inspiring.

Nate is now such a strong fighter; having faced some health issues during his first few years of life he is still such a happy little guy. Christmas day is now bitter sweet. Facing the memories of that day and journey, celebrating his birthday, and being beyond grateful that he got through it all. There is always tears and mixed emotions. There is nothing quite as humbling as having a baby go through a nursery journey."

Thank you Tamsin for sharing your incredibly touching story.

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