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Miracle Mum, Samantha shares the story of bringing her little girl, Pyper into the world.

"I had preeclampsia but didn’t find out until I was 30 weeks along. My symptoms of preeclampsia started to get worse and worse until I was rushed to hospital with sky high blood pressure.

At 32+4 days my little girl was brought into the world by an emergency section. She was 3 pound 9 ounces (1.7kg) when she was born. She was on the CPAP machine for a week and was on the Oxygen machine for a few days. She was also tube fed for two weeks as she didn’t know how to suckle a bottle.

Pyper spent three weeks in the NICU - it was the longest three weeks of my life. A few weeks after finally getting our little girl home, she was back in hospital with a cows milk allergy and really bad reflux.

My little girl is now 9-months old and is doing amazing. She still has her milk allergy but it's not affecting her at all. She goes to a physio, dietitian and a consultant and they have all said she’s doing so well."

Thank you Samantha for sharing your lovely story.

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