Sarah and Emma

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Miracle Mum, Kate has twin girls who defied all the odds and continues to amaze her every day. She shares the story of her frightening pregnancy and birth journey.

"At 13 weeks in a matter of hours I went from thinking I was pregnant with one baby to finding out I was having twins...and then identical twins...and then MCMA twins.

MCMA twin are incredibly rare and is when twins share not only a placenta but the same amniotic sac. Cord entanglement is common and fetal death prior to 24 weeks is common. MCMA twins have a 25% chance of being born with congenital defects and the additional prematurity risk of being born no later than 32 weeks.

I had regular monitoring CTG and heart rate testing from 24 weeks onwards and constant scanning of the entangled cords. I had a couple of false starts including contractions at 30 weeks and one baby’s heart rate escalating at 31 weeks 5 days to near dangerous levels.

However we made it to 32 weeks when Sarah (1860g) and Emma (1760g) were born. The girls spent 52 days in SCN. Some health issues in the first two years of life meant a few hospital stays for both girls but they turn 5 this October and have never looked back - AND they are the tallest in their kindy class!

These girls defied every statistic in the book and continue to amaze me everyday. I have never been so grateful for my Dr Brad Armstrong, the team at the MFM Clinic at Mater Brisbane and everyone at Greenslopes Private Hospital involved in the girls care."

Thank you Kate for sharing your amazing story.

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