This is my sweet baby girl Shaylee Marie she was born on May 28 2010 at only 4 lbs 11 oz and 17 inches long, her due date was still a whole month and a half away when she was born. She was born early because I had come down with severe Preeclampsia and was on the verge of having a stroke. I was so scared we were going to lose her!

After an emergency c-section, Shaylee came into this world. I only got to take a peek at her from across the room and hear her cry then she was off to the NICU. From that point I did not get to hold or see my baby girl for two weeks straight it was hard having to go 2 weeks without ever getting to hold or even touch your child’s hand you just gave birth too! The reason I didn't get to go down to the NICU was because I came down sick after giving birth and ended up running a fever of 105 and was bed ridden for a while but all I had in my head was how was my baby girl doing down 2 floors beneath me. For a whole week I was only 2 floors above her and hadn't got to see her at all but for a split second after she was born!!

The day the hospital finally released me was the day I first got to hold my girl it was the greatest moment in my life to hold her for the first time and to see her and kiss her all over! She had jaundice so she had to remain in the hospital for what seemed like forever while I sadly had to leave her side and go home! After some hard days of being home without her and recovering from illness and surgery we got to bring her home, it was amazing to finally have her home in our arms. Today Shaylee is a wild, beautiful, smart and sweet 15 month old who rules the roost at our household :) She runs, she dances she talks and gives kiss's all day long I couldn’t be happier! Thank you lord for letting us be able to have our baby girl with us!

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