33 Weeks



After suffering from pretty severe sickness early in the pregnancy I was delighted when the sickness went at around 17 weeks. However at around 28 weeks I started experiencing the sickness again. I knew it wasn't just normal pregnancy symptoms.

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When I was pregnant with my baby boy I had a lot of problems with my blood pressure from day dot. I was very very sick all through my pregnancy then at 30 weeks I was flown from Kalgoorlie General Hospital to King Edward Memorial Hospital in Perth for closer monitoring.

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Thursday night, so close to the end of the school week, exhausted and feeling unusually anxious, bed, I decided, was the only thing required. So at an unusually early hour, after the 3 little princesses had been fed and bathed, teeth brushed and stories read I fell into blissful slumber.

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I was sitting in the Tea Tree Plaza Westfield food hall when it occurred to me that the chicken and avocado wrap I was facing for lunch was making me feel rather queasy. After being told that I would be needing hormone treatment (at the least) and possibly IVF, to get pregnant years earlier, actually being pregnant was the furthest thing from my mind!

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Daniel and I were very lucky, and fell pregnant straight away. I had a wonderful pregnancy, no nausea or sickness of any kind, and continuously on a high. I loved being pregnant and feeling this precious baby growing inside of me. It truly felt miraculous.

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[image]Jasmine and Grace

Jasmine and Grace

When my husband & I found out we were having twins we were shocked to say the least. In the first few months of my pregnancy we were told that things were not quite right and one of the twins was not growing as well as the other twin.

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After 18 months of various fertility treatment including laparoscopies, fibroid removal, 10 cycles of clomid and injectables and a miscarriage, we finally got round to doing the big IVF treatment.

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Nixon’s journey begins when Trent and I found out that I was pregnant. In September 2005 with just 2 weeks before we were due to get married we were extremely shocked but thrilled to be pregnant. I had a complication free pregnancy.

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I couldn't believe I was pregnant...I was still nursing my 2.5 year old and had only stopped the depo injections about a month earlier. It was a cold I couldn't shake that prompted me to do a pregnancy test.

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 After the complications with our first son Joshua we were prepared for anything when I became pregnant with Thomas.

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[image]Ollie and Evie

Ollie and Evie

By week 31 we were being scanned daily due to diagnosed IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction) and at 32 And 6 days it was decided that it was too risky to let the babies stay inside any longer.

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Our 'tiny Ivy' spent 25 days in SCN and I spent every day and night watching her grow very slowly. In NICU/SCN you are continuously asking when you get to go home, when can you hold your baby without permission, when will you ever be able to breastfeed without a tube. 

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I had so many incredible and talented people caring for my baby. Leaving the hospital without my baby was probably the hardest experience - one which still brings tears to my eyes.

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