34 Weeks



I found out I was pregnant when my 3rd son was 11 months old (9 Months corrected though). I was scared and apprehensive considering I had already endured a Journey that never seems to fade. But optimistic that this would be my first baby that would go to full term.

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My little man was born at 34 weeks via induction and natural birth. It all started when my GP picked up my high blood pressure, he was worried about how high it had gotten and put me on tablets to lower it.

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Lenny was born at 34 weeks weighing 2190grms and now 8 weeks old (2 weeks corrected). He spent 10 days also in SCN Geelong Hospital, to establish weight gain, from birth he was on the breast and all suck feeds apart from maybe 5 tube feeds.

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Tabitha was born at 34 weeks gestation, after a very difficult pregnancy. Our troubles started at 8 weeks when I started bleeding. My GP sent me for an early scan, and to find out our little baby was alive was the best Christmas present, albeit a few days late.

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I had a pretty normal pregnancy. Although, I developed hyperemesis gravidarum between weeks 7 and 14, I was vomiting up to 30 times a day, couldn't even keep water down and lost my job because I was never at my desk. Apart from that, it was a very normal pregnancy.

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I was a 32 year old who had battled with Type 1 Diabetes for 25 years and who desperately wanted a baby.

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Jeremy and I are so lucky that our little girl, Hannah Marie, is alive and doing so well, considering all the risks and scares we had. If it were 15 to 20 years ago, the following story would be much different.

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My name is Kelly and I have recently given birth to a premmie baby at 34 weeks and thought I would share my story. It has taken a while for everything to come together in my mind and realise the journey my husband and I have been through.

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Logan was born at 34weeks at St George Private hospital via emergency c-section surgery. I was booked in for a c-section but then Logan decided to come early. He was born at 12.12am weighing 2.9kgs on the 10/05/2005.

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I was six weeks pregnant when we found out and that was wonderful news for both of us. The first few months were very easy and I was feeling pretty good. At 20 weeks we went for an ultrasound at Bankstown Hospital.

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