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I was a 32 year old who had battled with Type 1 Diabetes for 25 years and who desperately wanted a baby.

After 6 months of extremely tight control of my diabetes, we decided to start trying to fall pregnant. To my (and my husband's) surprise, we fell pregnant straight away.

After overcoming all of the shock, I knuckled down and did what I needed to do to keep my baby healthy (strict diabetic control - which is sometimes easier said than done).

Hyperemesis gravidarum set in at about 5 weeks and I ended up in hospital for a week on a prednisone drip to stop the vomiting.

At about 20 weeks, my OB put me onto some mild blood pressure tablets as my blood pressure was on the rise.

Needless to say, my feet and ankles were swelling like there was no tomorrow. Wearing shoes was impossible and I had to buy a pair of dressy thongs (that were one size too big) to work.

I was getting really tired and working full time was becoming more and more difficult so I went on maternity leave one month before i had planned to.

Thank god I did as I finished work on Friday and Monday night (@ 33 weeks and 4 days) I was in hospital with pre-eclampsia. My OB took one look at me and said that it looked like we would be having baby this week. I was immediately put onto a steroid drip to mature the baby's lungs a bit more and then on the Thursday night, our son Caden was born @34 weeks exactly.

He was 2.280kg and was beautiful. He was on oxygen overnight and put onto a glucose drip and then after a couple of days he was jaundiced and was under the lights for 3 days.

He spent 3 weeks in special care.

He is now 10 and 1/2 months old (8 months adjusted) and has no complications from his early arrival, thank god.

The travelling to and from the hospital while Caden was in special care seems like I was in a haze, simply from the tiredness and the endless expressing needed to keep up my milk supply (I wanted to breast feed when he came home).

All the tiredness and travelling and pain are worth it when you see you little one smile and laugh when you go in to get them out of the cot first thing in the morning (no matter how early it is).

We are now planning our 2nd baby. Very scary thought, but it is all worth it in the end.

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