Miracle Mum, Alisha shares the traumatic story of the birth of her now "smiley" little boy.

"Pregnancy is supposed to be an exciting time, right? Well not when you’re diagnosed with vasa previa (a condition your GP hasn’t even heard of) after the 20 week scan.

The good news was the baby was perfectly healthy and growing well, the bad news was if my waters broke my baby would probably die.

I was hoping to get to 36 or 37 weeks but at 33 weeks the obstetrician told me a story about how 8 years ago she had a baby die whose mother also had vasa previa and whose scans looked a lot like mine. She said “you can wait if you want or I can take the baby out on Monday”. So Charles was born at 34 weeks by cesarean.

I was scared the whole time and cried throughout the whole procedure. Charles wasn’t breathing properly so they took him away and I was wheeled into recovery alone (my husband stayed with the baby). It was a traumatic day... we only got to see Charlie for a short time and no cuddles. It all felt so surreal.

Fast forward 16 months and I’m pretty sure I still have PTSD from the feeding regime and chronic fatigue, but if I can park all that yucky stuff I can appreciate the beautiful smiley happy baby boy we have now. We are constantly told that he is “the happiest baby” and “so smiley” so that makes it all worth while."


Thank you Alisha for sharing your family's story.

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