My little man was born at 34 weeks via induction and natural birth. It all started when my GP picked up my high blood pressure, he was worried about how high it had gotten and put me on tablets to lower it. Reluctantly I waited until my antenatal appointment the following Tuesday, my Dr at the hospital told me I had normal blood pressure and not to take the tablets because they could of caused harm to my unborn baby. I was 32 weeks at that point.

For the next 2 weeks I had to have a scan at the MFMU at John Hunter Hospital to check everything. Those 2 weeks were the worst time in the whole pregnancy, I ended up with severe rib and back pain, it felt horrible. I ended up not being able to handle it anymore so my partner decided to put me in the car and rush me to delivery to get assessed.

Once there the first midwife told me not to stress it didn't sound like anything to do with the pregnancy. Once in the delivery room I had the monitor put on to check the baby's heart beat and had numerous blood tests taken to find out what was wrong, once my results came back it was about 2.30am and the doctor told me that I was in the first stages of having HELLP syndrome. I was given my first dose of steroids and told to rest because at 6am he was coming back to see if I was favorable for induction. 6am came and the doctor was the bearer of some very bad news, I was given my exam and transferred into a room to wait for my nurses to come collect me to start my induction process. I had the obstetrician come and break my waters and place me on the hormone drip. I had just started the long day of waiting. Come 2.30 I had my second steroid injection and was told that if I hadn't started contractions in the next 2-3 hours I would have to be prepared for emergency c-section.

About 5pm the midwives came in to do their checks, I ended up getting a morphine shot for the pain and was put onto the gas to help ease the intense pain. Got told by the midwives because of my blood results I was unable to have the epidural due to the risk of uncontrollable bleeding.

Come 8pm I was told I was ready to start pushing if I wanted to. 8.18pm on Tuesday the 12/11/2013 little Christopher John-Arthur was born. I got to have him with me for 20 minutes because the NICU doctor was at the birth, she assessed him to be ok at the time.

Once he was taken to NICU he was weighed in at 1900grams (4 pound 1 ounce) and he was placed into the humidicrib. It wasn't until 3-4 hours after birth that he was placed onto CPAP to help get the oxygen into his lungs. We spent a long 3 weeks in NICU at John Hunter Children's Hospital. Once Christopher was 3 weeks old the doctors assessed him and weighed him and told me he was well enough to go home. When he came home he weighed 2800grams. He is now a healthy 4.5 kgs and is a very happy healthy baby.

I am so grateful of the nurses and doctors at the NICU. If it wasn't for the support of Christopher's nurses I don't think I would have been so strong.


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