My name is Kelly and I have recently given birth to a premmie baby at 34 weeks and thought I would share my story. It has taken a while for everything to come together in my mind and realise the journey my husband and I have been through.

My husband and I got married last year and decided that we would try straight away for a baby and to our surprise we pretty much fell straight away; it was the best day of our life. Everything was going well except for the morning sickness that lasted pretty much throughout my whole pregnancy. I had a scare at 16 weeks when I started to bleed but the doctors said it was ok and to rest.

At my 19 week scan everything was going great. I decided I did not want to find out the sex of the baby, so every night my husband and I would lay there and talk to my belly about names waiting for bubba to kick to see what they thought.

At just over 33 weeks I had a horrible pain in my back which got very painful; my instinct knew that I should get to the hospital. I was diagnosed as having a bad infection which they thought was going to my kidneys. The hospital monitored me for an hour and then sent me home with antibiotics.

A couple days later I noticed I was bleeding a little and I had back pain again so I went off to the hospital. The midwives rushed me straight in for monitoring and explained that I was having contractions. It all felt surreal, I was thinking I’m not ready to have this baby but they explained that they were going to try and stop the contractions with tablets and also give me 2 steroid injections. Everything went well, the contractions stopped and after a week in hospital I was able to go home.

I was so excited to be home and said to my husband that on the weekend we will have to start getting things ready for the baby and especially my hospital bag just in case.

Two days later I woke up, rolled over and felt a gush. I panicked and went to the toilet, changed and rang my dad to pick me up. I knew something was going to happen and that I needed to get to the hospital. All I could do was cry because I didn’t want to have the baby so soon, I didn’t have anything ready but knew it was all out of my hands. The contractions were getting bad so they put me in the labour room. I think it was around 10.00 am in the morning the pains were getting worse so they recommended I have an epidural I was getting so tired that I said yes make it all stop. I remember the epidural and spinal tap going in, everything started to go numb and I felt like I was dreaming. Suddenly all these medical staff came running in I thought I’d died, apparently I was having a bad reaction to the epidural/ spinal tap, my heart rate was dropping way to quickly so they had to put drips in both hands to flush it out. All I remember was looking at ben and asking what was wrong and if the baby was ok.

At 12:11 pm Sunday afternoon 1st March 2009 I had my baby boy Deegan. He was 34 + 2 days, 5 pound 4 ounces or 2.385kg, 45 cm and healthy.

Deegan was in NICU till he was 37 weeks with a feeding tube and monitor for his heart.  I was expressing every 3 hrs but was having difficulty so I was put on tablets to help my milk come through. He also had a couple of days under lights for his jaundice.

I was so sad as I couldn’t get to hold him, it was the hardest for me when they took him out of the humidicrib and then a few days later he had to go back in again. I remember crying all day. The nurses were really good and kept saying everything was ok and to just think of it as Deegan lying in the sun relaxing which made me feel a bit better.

The best feeling was when they said we are taking his feeding tube out, stop his heart monitor and that we could spend the night together to see how we both would go. It was amazing, I sat there watching him sleep with lots of cuddles, it was the first time that it was only Deegan and I and it felt surreal without having to worry about pulling on any cords.

The next day they said we had done well and we could go home, I was over the moon as I had not expected to go home as early, they had told me I would be there till he was 40 weeks. I am very blessed that we could go home to start our life as a family.

Deegan is now nearly 9 months old 7 1/2 corrected and every day we are learning something new. He is my strong little man and I love him more than this world.

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