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After one pregnancy and birth didn't go to plan, Miracle Mum, Nicole was nervous about a second pregnancy. She shares the story about how her worst fears were realised and wants to remind other parents going through similar, that it's OK to have competing emotions.

"On the 18th of Sep 2018 we welcomed our little boy Elijah into the world. The journey leading up to this was quite the experience and definitely not one you picture for yourself when you imagine having children.  

I’m sharing our story in the hope that it lets other families who go through a tough birth/pregnancy know that they are not alone, that things don’t always go to plan and that its OK to have mixed emotions about it all. 

We were told at Elijah’s 20wk scan that we had a complete Placenta Previa and that there was no chance it would move so a Caesarean was the only option for birth and the risk of a pre-term bleed was high. This unfortunately was a familiar story for us, as our daughter Zara was born 20mths earlier via emergency Caesarean at 34wks after a large haemorrhage due to a grade 4 Placenta Previa (Which we weren’t aware of at the time).

It took a long time to deal with what we had gone through with Zara and even consider trying for another baby. The chances however of having another Previa pregnancy was extremely low so eventually we decided to try for baby #2. 

Low and behold we were diagnosed again with a complete previa and were told that we needed to be on the lookout this time for Placenta Accreta which if found, could lead to hysterectomy because of the high risk associated with uncontrollable bleeding when trying to remove the placenta at birth. 

During our pregnancy with Elijah I had spotting from wk 26-29 and then a large bleed at wk 32 which saw me in hospital and not allowed home until birth.  Staying in hospital for 3.5wks before his birth was an emotional roller-coaster. I was so thankful that I was in the right place if anything was to happen, however leaving Zara and my husband at home was tough. Again, it’s nothing like what you imagine when you think of having children.  The midwifes, nurses, doctors and specialist teams couldn’t have been more friendly and caring during my stay which made things so much more comforting. 

After additional scans it was confirmed we did have Placenta Accreta and that Caesarean & hysterectomy was the safest option for both Elijah and I at birth. 

Having a hysterectomy at 33 is not what you imagine for yourself when you think about having children. However, the fact that it would eliminate a lot of the risks for Elijah and I, made it a little more bearable. It wasn’t until after Elijah’s birth that I have struggled to emotionally accept the hysterectomy. 

Our aim was to make it to 35wks which we did. I was put under general anaesthetic for the birth and operation which meant that my husband could not be in the room. Walking alone into the operating theatre brought back a lot of memories from Zara’s birth and to say I was emotional would be an understatement. 

Elijah required resuscitation at birth and CPAP, however he had a fairly smooth recovery and was transferred from NICU to Special care after only 24hrs.  It was a very surreal feeling being back in NICU, as he was in the same room that Zara was in only 20mths earlier.  Its definitely not somewhere you picture yourself twice.

It took me 4 days to recover before I could get out of bed to go and see him which was especially difficult. 

I am so happy to say that Elijah is kicking goals so far.

There wasn’t too much from the birth of our children that is what we had planned or what we thought would happen. I hope that by sharing our story we can help other mums & dads know that if something doesn’t go to plan with their journey that they are not alone.

Reality is that everyone has their own journey and their own story so if your journey isn’t what you expected, be kind to yourself and make sure you use all of the support sources offered to you whilst you ride the roller-coaster that is ahead.  It’s a long journey but one that will make you stronger and make your relationship with your child that little bit more special."

Thank you Nicole for sharing your story.

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