Lenny was born at 34 weeks weighing 2190grms and now 8 weeks old (2 weeks corrected). He spent 10 days also in SCN Geelong Hospital, to establish weight gain, from birth he was on the breast and all suck feeds apart from maybe 5 tube feeds.

After the 10 days in SCN he was discharged from hospital he spent 2weeks at home then got very sick and ended up in the emergency department. While waiting to be seen by a doctor, Lenny stopped breathing and turned blue while in my arms. They got him stable, and it happened again not long after, for the next 45mins - 1 hour they kept having to stimulate Lenny to keep him breathing.

We were transferred to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne where he spent 3 days in ICU with a collapsed right lung due to pneumonia and bronchiolitis. After IV antibiotics we were transferred back to the children's ward in Geelong where he spent another 4 days finishing his antibiotics. Now he is a healthy 8 weeker and very cheeky

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