Logan was born at 34weeks at St George Private hospital via emergency c-section surgery. I was booked in for a c-section but then Logan decided to come early. He was born at 12.12am weighing 2.9kgs on the 10/05/2005.

He was automatically transferred to NICU and put on the oxygen helmet, unfortunately that was not enough for him so he was transferred via NETS helicopter to Liverpool Public Hospital and put in the level three care. There he was by himself with one to one nurse to patient care.

As I was in St George Private, having him away from me was very scary as he wasn't even in the same hospital as me, but the nurses and doctors at Liverpool couldn't have been any nicer. I was given a direct phone number to Logan's bed so anytime 24/7 I was able to ring about him. They always had time for me and explained everything.

Eventually I was allowed day release from St George Private and was able to go see Logan. It was heartbreaking at first as there were lots of newborn bubs there but my Logan was very sick and was right up the back by himself.

Once there all I could see was tubes everywhere and machines beeping. He was on CPAP and under a heater. The nurses explained every tube and what it did for him to me. I wasn't allowed to hold Logan till day three which was horrible but once I did I felt all the much better. He was tube fed till day five and on day six he was well enough to come back to me at St George Private. Unfortunately once he was back he deteriorated and had to go back onto oxygen via nasal tubes.

Logan was released on day eight and from there he hasn't looked back.

I have attended Playgroup Christmas parties at Miracle Babies Foundation and without the wonderful support of all the nurses and doctors I'm sure my experience would have been awful.

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