I was six weeks pregnant when we found out and that was wonderful news for both of us. The first few months were very easy and I was feeling pretty good. At 20 weeks we went for an ultrasound at Bankstown Hospital. Unfortunately it was difficult to tell babies sex. After 3-4 days we went to the hospital with the ultrasound results. Everything was perfect. As the weeks went by I was more and more excited.

Around 33 weeks I went to a regular check up with my sister in-law. I was booked to see a Doctor because of the high blood pressure. First the Doctor checked the blood pressure, baby’s heart beating and baby’s position. The Dr said that the baby looked small for its age and I’d have to do another ultrasound. We left the room and booked for another ultrasound in 7 days. Those 7 days were like 7 years. I called my husband and told him what the Doctor said.

It was a Wednesday when I went for the ultrasound. After the ultrasound I had an appointment with the Dr to go through the results. What the Dr said now was confirmed. I was told to stay at the Hospital or go home and come back twice a day and if nothing is happening than the baby will be delivered. I was told that the best thing for the baby and I was to be delivered as soon as possible. I chose to stay at the hospital so the Dr could keep a closer look.

After two days at the hospital I was told that I was to be transferred to Liverpool Public Hospital for another scan and that the Dr's would then decide on the best thing to do. That day I was given two shots of steroids to prepare the baby’s lungs. Because Liverpool hospital did not have a free bed I was transferred the following day with an ambulance and my husband following us. At the hospital the baby’s movements and heart beat was monitored. I was told to stay at the hospital because the baby will be delivered as soon as possible.

The next day was a big day for my husband and me. I couldn't sleep that night; I was just thinking why is this happening. At 8:15 am my husband came and at 8:30 am they took us to a birthing room. At 9 o'clock I was given some gel to start the contractions. Every half an hour a midwife was coming to check the blood pressure. At 11 am I started to have slight contractions. After two-three hours they were getting worse. I was given pethidine to help with the pain. After a couple hours all of a sudden I was bleeding. Midwifes and the Doctor rushed into the room. They took blood for a blood test but thank God everything was good. I was told what it's going to happen if I have to have a c-section, but that's the last thing they would do if there is a chance of natural birth. At 8 pm I was given epidural and at 10:55 pm with a couple of a pushes our little Angel named Natalie came into this world at 34+5 weeks, weighing 1.470 kg with a natural birth.

They put her on my chest and that's one thing I'll never ever forget about this journey. She was breathing on her own and that was another good sign from our little girl. They took her to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. I had a quick shower with a little help from the midwife and my husband who was with me all the time supporting me and then we went to the NICU to see where our baby girl was. When I first walked in I was surprised how big it was. Tiny babies hooked up to machines.

Natalie was admitted to the NICU at 15 minutes of age for prematurity and spent 26 days there. She now is 7 months old and she is 7.3 kilos. She is a little chubby.

I'd like to thank to all the Dr's and Nurses at Liverpool Hospital and Newborn Intensive Care Unit for their help, support and miracle job. I believe in miracles because Natalie is a real miracle. Also I’d like to thank to my wonderful husband Bill, my in-laws and all close family for their help, support and giving hope through my darkest hours. I will never forget that. Thank You for everything.

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