Timothy and Lachlan

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Timothy and Lachlan are MCDA twins, which means they were in their own sac but shared a placenta. This is classified as a high-risk pregnancy and premature birth is very common.

Miracle Mum, Deborah shares the story of welcoming her twins into the world.

“I was first admitted into hospital at 31 weeks but even with constant bed rest, Timothy’s waters broke at 34 weeks which resulted in an emergency c section. I was only able to say a quick hello to my babies before they were whisked away to the special care nursery.
They stayed in hospital for three weeks. We were told to expect a hospital stay however it was very difficult going back and forth between the nursery and hospital room and home. The hospital nurses were lovely, and we felt very supported by the Miracle Babies Foundation. The boys were given lovely hand-made beanies and blankets, as well as a NICU diary with personalised stickers. We tried to keep records of their time in hospital. Despite it being only three weeks, it felt like forever at the time.
The counselling service would have been lovely too, but unfortunately, we were never in the hospital when the counsellor was around.
It is a unique sort of pain to have your newborn babies in the hospital. Having access to the Miracle Babies support meant a lot to us as, especially as a first time mum and dad.”

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