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Miracle Mum, Nicole, shares the traumatic roller-coaster ride she went on with the birth of her first child, Zara.

"Our daughter Zara was born via emergency Caesarean at 34wks after a large haemorrhage due to a grade 4 Placenta Previa (Which we weren’t aware of at the time).

Zara’s birth was quite traumatic, with her losing quite a lot of blood and oxygen. She ended up spending some time in NICU. She was on a cooling mat for 3 days to allow her body to recover from the trauma and hopefully repair itself.

We were also faced with brain bleeds, transfusions (blood and platelets), collapsed lung, kidney failure, heart issues, the list went on. I had lost quite a lot of blood also and therefore my recovery was quite slow. Day 5 we got to hold her for the first time and it was the most emotional and precious moment we had ever experienced. 

I am so happy to say that Zara is meeting all of her milestones after an especially difficult start.

There wasn’t too much from the birth of our children that is what we had planned or what we thought would happen. I hope that by sharing our story we can help other mums & dads know that if something doesn’t go to plan with their journey that they are not alone.

Reality is that everyone has their own journey and their own story so if your journey isn’t what you expected, be kind to yourself and make sure you use all of the support sources offered to you whilst you ride the roller-coaster that is ahead.  It’s a long journey but one that will make you stronger and make your relationship with your child that little bit more special."

Thank you Nicole for sharing your story.

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