35 Weeks

[image]Lucy Grace

Lucy Grace

Lucy Grace, at my 12 week scan they noticed something strange and Referred me for a MRI Scan at 14 weeks then they'd diagnosed her with an Exomphalis meaning Lucy had a Defect in her abdominal wall were her stomach hasn't formed and she had no stomach at all.

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My husband Ben and I met when we were just 16 and 14 and after six years together. Once married we fell pregnant with our first child in February 2008. We were very happy and looking forward to meeting our newest family member.

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Joshua was our third time lucky pregnancy. After two miscarriages we felt so blessed to finally be given the chance to be parents. I did not have a great pregnancy and started developing headaches, nausea and a sharp pain in my upper right abdomen at around 25 weeks.

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Deciding to have another child was one of the biggest decisions I had ever made. Sitting at the table looking at the pregnancy stick confirmed my wishes Shane and I were pregnant with our second child.

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This past year - 2018 has been quite a challenging year. Lachlan was diagnosed with a severe speech delay and also has been diagnosed with ADHD hyperactive and impulsive type and has been struggling to understand himself and why he is the way he is. These are still very much a work in progress but he has had a year of speech therapy and is starting at a fantastic school and his kindergarten teacher is amazing so we hope for an amazing year of growth and personal achievements.

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