36 Weeks



My Journey started at 7 weeks on one of my daughter’s birthday, I experienced my first bleed and loss of clots, one the size of a big lemon. We later found out that we lost one of our twins.

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My son Rohan was born at 36 weeks on the 26 Feb 2008 at the Mater Mothers in Brisbane. He was born with a form of Spina Bifida Meningocele, it was roughly the size of a fist and was removed when he was 7 days old.

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When a child is born, the joy both parents feel is beyond compare...in a sense, immeasurable. As such, losing a child could be considered as a great misery. Extremes as they may seem but this is what the world is made of and we have no capacity to go against established dichotomies.

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Our first son Blake was eagerly awaiting the arrival of his little brother. Knowing 2 ½ year olds can’t really grasp time parameters, we kept saying “not just yet - still a while away”. The day I began having contractions so happened to be the same day I was booked in for my pre-admission interview at the hospital where I was planning on taking Blake to see where “Mummy was going to spend a few days when the baby was born”. No such luck.

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It was two months after Natasha accepted my proposal that we found out that we were expecting the birth of our first child together, who was to be born on the 15 July 2008. It was the greatest news I had received in my life - our own little child.

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Our Noah! Special before we even got to meet him... At 20weeks GA most parents are excited to know the gender of there precious gift as they eagerly await the scan. My husband and I had been debating finding out the gender of our baby all day and finally had decided to not find out, we where so excited! 

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At 35 weeks my waters broke at home on the Central Coast due to Polyhydramnios. After getting to the hospital I was assessed and transferred down to Westmead where I sat being checked for a week. At 36 weeks our son Tai was delivered Via C-section weighing 2.2kg.

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