Our Noah! Special before we even got to meet him... At 20weeks GA most parents are excited to know the gender of there precious gift as they eagerly await the scan. My husband and I had been debating finding out the gender of our baby all day and finally had decided to not find out, we where so excited! Grandma (my mother) was there for the scan too for moral support. The scan took forever, she was pleasent and happy and didn't let on that anything bad was happening to our baby. She excused herself and another lady came in and took over, this is when they asked if we wanted to know the sex, we of course declined this offer. The next part I will never forget.... She said I will have to tell you the gender so we can work out where to go from here.

Our Noah had a mass in his brain! An interhermeric cyst in the frontal lobe, also extra fluid around the brain. He had some kidney problems (which as they still weren't formed properly they couldn't tell us what). As she was talking... And saying all of this medical talk, the next thing was " I don't believe he will be vaiable for life"! Crying and shaking I was in disbelief! For the next 16 weeks we had seen over ten specialists and had weekly scans to see the progress and see if the brain was forming! We are blessed to have had Noah on the 5 of September he is beautiful, precious and kind. We ended up taking him home after 7 days in the hospital, only to return to PMH 3 weeks later. Noah had started convulsions we rushed him straight there where we where told he suffered from infantile spasms. To later confirm the diagnosis of epilepsy. My poor baby medicated daily, he has also had an operation on a duplex collecting system on both sides of his kidneys. We have spent so much time in the hospital in his short 3years but I'm so blessed to have this beautiful cheeky young man in our lives!

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