37 weeks and over



I was 20 and had just found out I was pregnant for the second time. I had a 3 year old son from a previous relationship and to see those two little blue lines again was a shock to say the least. My son Sean had developmental delays and suffered from frequent seizures caused by temperatures that were starting to occur without a fever but I was looking forward to becoming a mum again.

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I was 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant with my first baby, Sophie, when I realised late one evening that I hadn't felt her move for a while. Sensing that something was wrong, I went to the local hospital for a check. An hour later, I was having an emergency caesarean under general anaesthetic.

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I recall sitting in the waiting area at Liverpool NICU reading the stories in the Miracle Babies Magazine. I remember smiling, crying, feeling hopeful and feeling despair. I sat there, reading these stories, looking at the hearts on the wall and thinking to myself – is our story going to be one of smiles or tears. At that stage we didn't know, we could only hope, pray & wish. This is our story.

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Approx 2pm - I had beginning having some contraction pain in my lower back and stomach, and a “show”, all while out to lunch with Nana and Lachlan.

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[image]Kai Adrian

Kai Adrian

This is the story of a very terrifying journey taken by two parents of a baby who several doctors had written off as a lost cause a life that would come to nothing but grief and heartache.

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We went in for our 18 week scan excited and hoping that we were about to be blessed with the little boy that we and our two year old daughter Leilani had prayed for - the first boy in our family for over 30 years.

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Joshua's birth was a planned home birth. After a healthy pregnancy, I went into labour 2 days after my due date and laboured happily at home under the watchful eye of 2 midwives.

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The pregnancy was going along well, felt great, plenty of energy, not uncomfortable. At 26 weeks, the Dr thought that I was measuring a bit big so she said come back in a few weeks and we will measure again and send you off for a scan if need be.

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Alexis was born on the 20th December 2009, 9 days past her due date after a very normal and uneventful pregnancy. I went to hospital to be induced and while I was hooked up to the CTG, we realised she was not moving much.

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At 34 weeks pregnant with my fourth child, we were told we were having a baby born with a trachea oesophagael fistula and an oesophagael artesia.

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The day we found out that our unborn child had a life threatening birth defect was an overwhelmingly tragic time in our lives, but it was only the beginning of our journey. Our son had Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH), a rare condition where a section of his diaphragm was missing and his bowel and part of his liver had formed inside his chest.

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Waking up in the early hours of the morning with contractions was how I expected labour to start.... Sure, it was 12 days early, but that's classed as full term! And after a seemingly normal and healthy pregnancy, I wasn't too worried about anything apart from knowing when I should go to hospital!

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It was my second pregnancy so I knew all the normal things to feel and what would happen to my body. I was 24 weeks pregnant when I knew something was wrong I started to feel very strong pressure pains on my cervix, the pressure you would feel when you’re 9 months pregnant.

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[image]Lily Joy

Lily Joy

Lily was born by scheduled C-section at 39 weeks she came out and let out a cry. While having her checks everyone began rushing around the operating room screaming out “come on Lily”, doing compressions and giving her oxygen as she had completely stopped breathing.

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We had tried to fall pregnant for 3 years, during this time we went on numerous fertility medications and testing, finally we were elated to find out we were expecting a beautiful baby finally.

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[image]Jackson Craig

Jackson Craig

My husband and I were married on July 11th 2009. On September 20th 2009 I did I home pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant. We were very excited.

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It all started 24th of June 2013 I was induced at 41+6 weeks and he had been perfectly healthy before this date. When Oliver was born he had low blood sugar due to long labour.

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We found out when we least expected it we were having a little baby, and at 15 weeks (GA) we heard those words "it’s a girl". My pregnancy wasn't that complicated, some bleeding at 14 weeks (GA), some pains and throbs but none the less the Dr assured me everything was fine.

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My daughter was due on September 14th I wasn't surprised when I started having pains three weeks early as my previous children were one week and two weeks early born large with no health problems.

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Before it all started - On Friday we had a doctor’s appointment at Bankstown hospital. We saw a young blonde short haired doctor. I am very bad with names.

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[image]Lily Joy (1)

Lily Joy (1)

On april 22, 2013 i showed up for my scheduled c section. Being my third c section i was feeling prepared but nervous for the pain that i knew was to come. Never in a million years was i to know about what would unfold that day.

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We quickly learned a lot of medical terms and conditions that were being discussed and struggled with the lack of control over our own baby when we didn’t agree with some of the decisions they made.

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The midwife took his obs, and for a split second his heart rate went up to 220 and his oxygen levels dropped drastically. She called for her team leader who agreed to give the NICU a call. At this point we didn't know this midwife would save Corbin's life.

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We are so grateful for his amazing surgeons and doctors because without them he wouldn’t be with us...Byron really is our miracle baby.

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At 38 weeks and 5 days I felt my baby wasn’t moving quite as it had been. Our midwife advised us to go straight to the hospital where we were monitored for a couple of hours with no concern until I sat up in a particular way and baby’s trace turned concerning

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My Birth Daughter’s Miracle - Last December after 14 years of having to depend on a feeding tube, my birth daughter McKenna was able to have her G tube removed!

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We where told that Levi’s Life support may have to be switched off as he had deteriorated. That day was the worst of all days and it was also my birthday. We then started getting all the bad news of what’s going to happen as well, and it was all horrible.

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 I didn't hold him for 4 days. My heart, body & mind were absolutely broken. A state I can never completely express. Our stay was quickly brought into perspective by all the families in the unit with tiny babes that were by their bedsides for 30, 50 & some 100 + days.

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At 8 cm dilated blood was taken from his head to determine why his vitals were dropping and why he had gone in to fetal distress. Then I was rushed in to theatre for an emergency c-section.

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After 29 hours of induced labour, they ended up escalating my case to emergency C-section. Even to this day, we are still processing what happened and where it went wrong. I can’t say I’m angry anymore. Maybe more disappointed in my body really. What were the chances of my experience ending up in the 10% failed cases of epidural? 

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