Jackson Craig


My husband and I were married on July 11th 2009. On September 20th 2009 I did I home pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant. We were very excited. This was going to be my husband’s first child. I already had four from my first marriage. Right away we told our parents, but held off telling my kids until I was further along.

On September 28th 2009 I started having cramping and called my doctor who sent me to the hospital for a blood test and ultrasound. They were unable to find anything but the sac during the ultrasound and the blood test when checked again two days later had not risen like the doctor had wanted it to. The doctor told me what I had was a blight opium were the sac forms but nothing else. He scheduled a D/C for October 2nd 2009. My husband and I we're devastate.

On October 2nd they performed the D/C we left the hospital mourning the loss of the life we had created. For a month I went through severe depression. Grieving over the loss of my child. However I desperately wanted to give my husband a child of his own. On November 2nd 2009 I did another home pregnancy test expecting it to be negative so that I would know for sure the next time one was positive that I was pregnant again. However as soon as I did the test it turned positive. I called my doctor immediately. I had just had a D/C four weeks prior and we were instructed to wait two weeks before having sex again. My doctor sent me to the hospital for blood work and called the next day to tell me that my levels were showing I was pregnant. He suggested that this was possibly caused by them maybe missing some tissue during the D/C. So he scheduled an ultrasound for the next day. I went to the hospital that morning by myself. I figured if they were just checking for missed tissue that my husband didn't need to take the day off work. They called me back to the ultrasound room and put the gel on my belly and then the wand.

The ultrasound tech turned the screen toward me and tears instantly started falling from my eyes. There on the screen was a baby head, legs and little arms moving. She turned on the sound and I could hear the beating of his heart strong and loud. I asked through sobs if she was sure this was my ultrasound. She looked at me like I was crazy and said yes. I explained to her how they told me that I had miscarried and had performed a D/C 4 weeks earlier. With tears in her eyes she looked at me and said the baby was measuring 10 weeks 5 days. I called my husband and through sobs told him that we had never lost our baby. He is truly our lil miracle. Today Jackson is a perfectly normal and active three year old. I thank God daily that for whatever reason he spared our precious little boy.

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