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Waking up in the early hours of the morning with contractions was how I expected labour to start.... Sure, it was 12 days early, but that's classed as full term! And after a seemingly normal and healthy pregnancy, I wasn't too worried about anything apart from knowing when I should go to hospital! My contractions progressed normally and at 2am the next morning, we headed to hospital!! By 6:56 that morning, after a "textbook" labour, I gave birth to my first baby...... That is when things didn't go as "normal" as I'd expected.... Jordan was placed on my tummy after he came out, but after only about 10 second the midwives took him away. We weren't really sure why, but I was tired and just presumed they were checking him out. I was showered and taken to my bed. I still hadn't seen my baby properly. It was then that the Doctor came in to see us..... Jordan was born unconscious and they thought he might have pneumonia. They wanted to transfer him to a hospital 4 hours away. Devastated, I cried and called my Mum!!

Shortly after, they came and told me that Jordan's condition was a lot more serious; they were no longer sending him 4 hours away, but they were sending him to a completely different state!! And they still couldn't tell me what was wrong with him! I went in and looked at my baby in his crib.... He had tubes down his throat, and he was hooked up to breathing machines. We were terrified!! The nurses didn't think he was going to live. My partner soon left to get things organised for our plane ride, which would be the next morning. That night, I watched my baby be wheeled through the hospital and out to an ambulance which would take him to a plane and off they left for the "big" hospital..... My heart has never felt so broken in my life, watching my new little baby drive off and not being with him. I sit here crying as I type this!

I was woken at 5 the next morning and off we flew!! After a stop in Melbourne to switch planes, we finally got to Adelaide at about 11am on the 30th of January. We had to get a taxi to the hospital. When we got to the hospital, we had no idea where to go. We followed signs and took elevators and finally found our way to the NICU. We were greeted by a nurse who then took us to see our baby. Apparently he had "crashed" a few times over night, but he had been stable all morning. He had some bleeding in his lungs and some kind of infection they were giving him antibiotics for.... He still couldn't breathe and he was on morphine. Apart from twitchy movements from his artificially inflating lungs, he was lifeless. I felt so helpless standing there watching my poor baby, in a completely different state, in the biggest hospital I've ever seen. I felt so small.

A couple of days passed and I still wasn't able to touch him. I had been pumping hard to establish my milk supply, even though Jordan still couldn't have anything. After many scans to check swelling in his brain, treatment for jaundice and everything else, he finally started to show improvement. After 4 days, he was transferred to Level 2 in the NICU. He was being fed through a tube and he could breathe by himself. I was finally allowed to have my first hold of my baby!! It was wonderful, cords and all!!

Pretty soon we were breastfeeding!! I was so lucky that he picked it up pretty quick!! He improved a little more every day!! After just under 2 weeks, we were allowed to take him to our room!! 2 days later, we were discharged from hospital and were allowed to fly home!! After one night in our local hospital to make sure he was feeding well, we were allowed home!! I've never been happier!!

My little Miracle Baby has just turned 2!! He is bright, clever, cheeky, naughty.... All the things a 2-year-old should be!! After 2 years of visits to the Pediatricians to make sure he had no brain damage or learning difficulties, we were "officially" no longer required to return!! Our "journey" was not as long as other Miracle Babies.... He wasn't born prematurely, we only spent 2 weeks in hospital with our baby. He is a healthy and happy 2 year old..... Yet I still owe everything to the staff at Flinders Medical Centre, and to Miracle Babies..... Without them, I would be nothing. I thank them every day for giving me the best gift I have ever received.... A surviving Miracle Baby!!



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