We had tried to fall pregnant for 3 years, during this time we went on numerous fertility medications and testing, finally we were elated to find out we were expecting a beautiful baby finally. My pregnancy had issues, at 21 weeks I was hospitalised for high blood pressure and protein in my urine, thankfully this was controlled until last few weeks of my pregnancy. I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes. At 38 weeks we were induced.

At the end of our labour Kenahdy was stuck, her heart rate had dropped to 40 BPM and there was no time for a c section, the midwives were begging for me to try harder to push but having shoulder distocia there wasn't a lot I was able to do. Once born she was unresponsive, I remember the fear that came over me knowing that she wasn't breathing. My husband and I were terrified, finally I heard a faint cry and got to see my little girl for just a few seconds with a very short cuddle. She was then taken to the NICU in respiratory distress. I finally got wheeled down to the NICU in the early hours of the morning to see my beautiful girl.

At first she appeared to be alright, her breathing seemed better however her sugar levels were very low. The next morning blood work was done as Kenahdy was lethargic and refusing to feed. This revealed an infection with CRP levels that were dangerously high. A feeding tube was inserted and 2 antibiotics started to fight the infection. As the days passed her levels were rising, the antibiotics were not working and we were struggling to come to terms with how quickly this was all happening. She was then put into the NICU dependency unit as her levels were peaking and jaundice had also set in. Her little arms wouldn't allow a cannula in any longer and the IV was inserted through her belly button and then scalp. Her Dr started to become concerned that she wasn't fighting the infection. Throughout our time we went from the NICU to SCN and then her levels would rise and we would go right back to the NICU.

Emotionally it was devastating for my husband and I, I would break down at the drop of a hat. Finally, at 22 days in the NICU her levels were lowering to an acceptable level. Just a few days short of 4 weeks we were able to go home. At 4 months old Kenahdy had a seizure at home, and her body turned limp and grey. Thankfully an ambulance was only minutes away, on arrival they discovered her blood sugars were dangerously low. 6 weeks at the Children's Hospital and we discovered Kenahdy suffered from a metabolic disorder. She is now 3, and had numerous ambulance trips and hospital visits. On a strict diet & blood sugar testing we try our best to keep her life as normal as possible between appointments etc. We couldn't thank the support from KEMH NICU and PMH enough, without them we wouldn't have our beautiful girl.


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