Lily Joy


Lily was born by scheduled C-section at 39 weeks she came out and let out a cry. While having her checks everyone began rushing around the operating room screaming out “come on Lily”, doing compressions and giving her oxygen as she had completely stopped breathing. They eventually brought her round and she was quickly brought over to me then rushed off to see a doctor.

After a very long hour and a bit in surgery and recovery I was wheeled into the nursery to see her where I found my little princess hooked up to machines I had never seen before. The doctor then told me a decision would have to be made pretty quickly and within half an hour NETS were there to transport her to the public hospital down the road to be admitted to NICU.

I could not go with her as there were no beds in the post-natal ward so my husband went with her. I spent most of the night crying being separated from my baby after over 24 hours my hospital organised for me to go to the other hospital to visit her.

For the next 5 days every day my husband would take me for an hour or so down the road to NICU at the other hospital to see her at two days old I finally got to hold her and my husband got to hold her at three days. She was being fed by tube. After four nights she was taken off CPAP and began bottle feeding EBM after five nights she was transported back to my hospital and admitted to SCN for the night and then began breastfeeding successfully.

Today at 6 days old she has been moved into my room to see how she goes feeding and has finally had her tube removed and is off monitors. She is still a patient of SCN and is waiting for some more results from her cardiac ultrasound to come back. Hoping a praying she continues to get better and feeds well tonight and will get to come home in the next day or so.


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