My daughter was due on September 14th I wasn't surprised when I started having pains three weeks early as my previous children were one week and two weeks early born large with no health problems.

I will never forget my daughter’s birth though my other two labour’s were only 3 hours so after 18 hours of labour I felt something wasn't right,  Lily was born with the cord around her neck and was completely blue. They whisked her away to the Special Care Bay Unit, by the time I was able to see her she was hooked up to machines and had to be intubated.

She was then transferred to Liverpool NICU where she was intubated for another three days and given three injections into her lungs as her lungs were stiff. After that she started to improve and was on CPAP for three days before she started doing better on her own.

We ended up bringing her home just a little over two weeks after being born. My beautiful girl is now two and a half and healthy and a true little blessing.


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