It all started 24th of June 2013 I was induced at 41+6 weeks and he had been perfectly healthy before this date. When Oliver was born he had low blood sugar due to long labour. I was told he was being put into the nursery for overnight monitoring and by 10 pm that night he seemed fine but within an hour there were X-ray machines taking photos of his tummy. The Peaditrician informed us that they were sending his X-rays to nets and not to worry and to go have a rest by now it was 2:30 am and I was buggered from the day’s events. He had a blocked bowel and distention in his stomach.

The next morning I went up to see my baby to my shock he had an IV, nasal gastric tube and in a humidicrib. My perfectly healthy baby. The nurse then continued to tell me they had taken further X-rays and were waiting on nets to decide on a plan. About 30mins later I was told a helicopter was on its way and are just waiting on a bed at Monash NICU. We soon arrived at Monash with my partner arriving 4 hours later from the long drive. Biopsies were done on his bowel and were to the news of Oliver had Hirschprungs (a disease of the bowel with no nerve cells in the lower part and unable to pass poo).

We were then told that at 1 month old he will have a pull through surgery and if we want to take him the 3 hour drive home we will have to learn to do washouts on his bowel. Two weeks later we had successfully learnt the washouts and were on our way home. At one month he a pull through, removing 15cm of bowel. We went home thinking he was fixed But he had several bowel infections sending us back to Melbourne due to his surgeons being down there.

At 5 months he had an investigatory surgery to find the cause of the issue and a cuff of muscle found and cut but did not work as he was still not pooing. 2 weeks before Christmas we went down with another infection and had more biopsies done to show nothing. Now it's just a waiting game to decide on weather Botox will be an option and praying that he will not need a stoma. Along with that he has battled poor weight gain to the point they wanted to do a NG and pump feed him overnight. But a 6 Months old he is such a happy baby and would change the world. Big thanks got out to the peadiatric surgical team at Monash and the nurses at NICU and 41 North and 42 South.


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